New A12 Digital Weighing Scale -150kgs




New A12 Digital Weighing Scale -150kgs


Product details

This elegantly designed 150Kg Heavy Duty Digital Electronic Computing Platform Scale provides you accurate and precise weight for all of your professional and industrial needs.
Built for the long run, this ergonomically designed digital weighing scale will last you for years.
Incorporating highly precise sensors, the scale allows you to store prices of up to 6 units with capacities of 100Kg and increments of 50g.
An easy to read digital control panel also comes with a light for even more effortless operation in all conditions.
The scale can be run either on AC power or through an In Built Rechargeable Battery – which means one can use this anywhere!
There was never a better solution for your weighing needs at this handsome a price!
New A12 Digital Weighing Scale -150kgs

  • Highly accurate and precise sensors
  • Capacity to store up to 7 unit prices
  • Weight, unit price, total price LED display


  • Stainless Steel
  • Runs on built-in 4V rechargeable battery or AC power


  • 40 hours continuous use from a single charge
  • Waterproof and oil proof keyboard
  • Extra large stainless stain platform


  • Power tare, zero, low battery, Power indicators digital weighing scale
  • Auto-zero tracking: slight shock won’t affect zero figures

  • 20g Precision, 50g Divisions
  • Displays Weight, Unit Price and Total Price LED/LCD Display
  • Metal / steel platform, heavy duty design


  • Platform Size: 30CM X 40CM
  • Perfect for Warehouse, Industrial, Office, Farm, Stores etc


  • Runs on rechargeable battery : 6V/4AH battery, AC 220V. 120hrs long lasting power duration from a single charge.
  • Display Windows: Weight window 5 digits, Unit Price Window 5 digits, Total Price Window 6 digits weighing scale


  • Conductive silicon rubber switch with soft touch
  • Power tare, zero, low battery, AC power indicators, Auto shut off to save power, overweight alarm function digital weighing scale
  • Capacity to store up to 8 unit prices and 99 accumulation memory, Memory recall, give change and memory clear.


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