Nano Ionic Moisturizing Face Steamer Easy Usage



Nano Ionic Moisturizing Face Steamer

Nano Ionic Moisturizing Face Steamer

Nano ionic moisturizing face steamer cleanses and opens up your pores, removes blackheads, the human face comes into contact with dirt on a daily basis causing blackheads, acne and closes your pores.

The nano ionic moisturizing face steamer produces steam that helps loosen the build-up of dirt opening your pores, and leaves you with clear smooth skin. It greatly complements your dressing table, bathroom, and makeup area.

Nano ionic face steamer has a large 100 ml water tank that is super strong and of good quality. It moisturizes your skin effectively as compared to other steamers. Produces warm mist that unclogs pores, removes blackheads.

Nano Ionic Moisturizing Face Steamer

Has a full-face steamer and humidifier that helps to clear your blocked nose, and is suitable for all skin types. a relaxing stream of warm mist covers your whole face with its nozzle, removing dirt, makeup, and acne.

The nano ionic moisturizing face steamer produces full-powered steam within 30 seconds. Easy to use. You fill up the water tank with clean water, tighten the nozzle and connect the plug into the power outlet.

Turn on the steamer and direct the steamer to your face for 12-15 minutes. Perfect gift for your loved ones. Simply place your order today of the Nano ionic moisturizing face steamer with Rikeys and have it delivered to your doorstep.

【Professional Facial Treatment, Home Facial SPA】 VillSure nano Ionic face steamers for facial not only helps dry skin by adding moisture, opens pores to allow better penetration, but also can reduce acne and blackheads, weakens pigmented spots, removes congestion in the sinuses.

And Warm Mist also can naturally deep cleansing to purify the skin, boost blood circulation, and prevents the signs of aging.

【 Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer Benefits for Skin】 Compared to normal facial steamers, Nano-ionic steam can penetrate and moisturize your skin 10 times more effectively. Meanwhile, the warm mist can help to unclog pores, reduces acne and blackheads, and provide a quick nutritional absorption for your skin

【Full Face Steamer&Humidifier 】 Nano-ionic Steamers for intensive skin care and inhalation attachment for nose and mouth inhalation to clears your blocked nose, humidifier function.

Suitable for all types of skin -A relaxing stream of warm mist covers your whole face with its finely tuned nozzle, quickly opening up pores to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities from the skin.

【Large 100ml Water Tank Super Strong Amount of Mist, Deep Hydration】

The face humidifier facial steamers, Full-Powered Steam only within 30 seconds, turn clean water into Micro-Fine particles to produce a powerful, consistent mist.

The mist of this face humidifier is warm and safe to smell, with no harm to your skin, you can enjoy a relaxing steaming with consistent mist for 12-15minutes. Allows you to forget the stress of the day for a while. GET ONE HOME AND STEAM YOUR BEAUTY NOW!

【Perfect Gift, Comes with 2x Face Brushes 1xHair Band】Villisure Facial Steamer All Product Provide The Most Satisfactory Service. Absolutely a perfect gift for your Lover friends and family

designed with a handheld portable that can complement your bathroom, makeup table, and dressing area perfectly.

Our face steamer for facial comes with free 2x Brushes 1xHair Band, more convenient to use them together best for promoting deep pore cleansing. Perfect Gift Idea for Moms or Mothers’ Day Gift


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