Mini Blackhead Remover Gentle On Skin and Easy to use 1



Mini Blackhead Remover

【Multi- Function & Professional】 This device offers 3 intensity levels and 5 types of suction heads. It meets the requirment of different skin types from dry, normal, to mixed and oily skin. Multifunction suction heads are replacesable. Adopting different suction probes help you easily clean up blackheads, pimples, grease, dead skin , dirt, acne, and reduce fine line etc.

Mini Electric Blackhead Removal Instrument Exports Facial Pores Cleaning Blackhead Absorber Black price from kilimall in Kenya - Yaoota!

* Microcrystal Exfoliating Probe : to remove dead skin * Oval Probe : Mainly for Eyes and Lips corner to smooth fine lines * S Size round Probe: for sensitive area and for small blackheads * M Size round Probe: has strong suction power to absorb blackheads, acne and excessive grease * L Size Round Probe: for cheek, forehead areas, lifting V face

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Corrected usage makes things easy and more effective; 1) pre warm up face 3-5 mins is necessary to open up pores 2) Not suck any unmatured Acne 3) Not stay at one spot over 3s to avoid bruise 4) Disinfect vacuum probes with alcohol cotton sheet before and after usage. 5) Use frozen towel or mask to shrink pores


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With consistant use, you will have spotless and shiny a skin. 【Convenient & USB Rechargeable 】 It has build-in battery and USB port. 2 hours could get device fully charged, and could use up to 60 mins. ( Recommend to use twice per week, not over 5 mins per time ) With LED display, you can easy left battery and charge in timely. 【Safe to Use】 CE, ROHS certificated, This Blackhead removal device is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic and reliable ABS material, harmless to skin.


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