Easy Multi-function Manual Onion Chopper Garlic Crusher



Multi-function Manual Onion Chopper Garlic Crusher

Multi-function Manual Onion Chopper Garlic Crusher

Slices onions, pepper, ginger, garlic, and others in seconds.Has this perfect design that will cut foodstuffs easily. It has a rotating blade, which makes it even more convenient. To clean you separate the lower part of the shredder from the main body and that way it’s even dishwasher safe. it’s of good quality, durable, and every kitchen must-have. I consider it a kitchen hack.

Multi-function Manual Onion Chopper Garlic Crusher

1. Double “Z” type cutter head design, and novel use.
2. Humanized hand-type handle design, easy pressing, simple operation.
3. Rotary design of the handle, Omni-directional chopping.
4. Up and down pressing can cut ginger and garlic and other food materials into pieces.  The more time you press, the more pieces of food materials you could get. The knife head has a baffle design to avoid large pieces of food to run away with the knife head and cut more delicately.
5. Removable baffle, clearer and more convenient.
6. Cutting with multiple knives at the same time, pressing once is equivalent to cutting with six knives.
7. Closed trial processing, without injuring hands, and without worrying about food dispersal. The method is flexible and convenient.

Material: PP + Stainless Steel
Weight: 230g
Applicable object: Mainly suitable for the following food to chop: garlic, ginger, onion, green vegetables, fruits, peanuts, etc.
Size: 215*80*60mm/8.46*3.15*2.36″


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