Men’s Black Turkey Shoes



Men’s Black Turkey Shoes


turkey shoes

This pair in addition to being comfortable is very stylish. A must-have for the classic man. We’ve got the best prices and service. These shoes are more convenient to wear, showing a uniform and smooth line texture, simple and generous. Lightweight leather outsole: with a soft, cushioned leather sole for an elegant, stylish and simple.

Clear texture design, Strong grip, non-slip, wear-resistant. So durable leather outsole delivers traction on a variety of surfaces. Comfortable and delicate fabric: exudes natural luster, highlights the quality, and shows men’s official style. Comfortable lining: According to ergonomics, the inner part is made of breathable and foot-fitting material, so that your feet can keep breathing smoothly and easily meet the needs of life. Simple and Fashionable, Soft and Comfortable, Lightweight and wear-resistant,it is perfect for daily use. Moreover, It is finished with smooth leather Lining, cushioned footbed for comfort, and a non-skid outsole. These kinds of shoes you wear, jeans or pants collocation, make you reflect the tough temperament! Featuring a durable outsole that enables easy traction, it is also very comfortable. A perfect match with semi-casual and official outfits.

US 4 = UK 2 = EU/CN 35 = Feet length 22.5cm;US 5 = UK 3 = EU=35.5/CN 36 = Feet length 23cm;US 5 = UK 4 = EU/CN 37 = Feet length 23.5cm;US 6 = UK 5 = EU/CN 38 = Feet length 24cm;US 7 = UK 6 = EU/CN 39 = Feet length 24.5cm;US 8 = UK 7 = EU=40.5/CN 40 = Feet length 25cm;US 8.5 = UK7.5 = EU/CN 41 = Feet length 25.5cm;US 9 = UK 8 = EU/CN 42 = Feet length 26cm;US 10 = UK 9 = EU/CN 43 = Feet length 26.5cm;US 10.5 = UK 9.5 = EU/CN 44 = Feet length 27cm;US 11.5 = UK 10 = EU/CN 45 = Feet length 27.5cm;US 12 = UK 11 = EU/CN 46 = Feet length 28cm;US 13 = UK 12 = EU/CN 47 = Feet length 28.5cm;US 14 = UK 13 = EU/CN 48 = Feet length 29cm;

From delicate appearances to meticulous stitching and leather-rich materials, these are important things.
These exquisite oxford shoes will keep you comfortable for a whole day until you go out and relax with your friends in the bar.
It has been carefully designed to stand the test of time.

Make sure you can wear it for a long time. You can wear them in interesting places at any time of the day, such as walking, dating and going to work. I believe that I really have many advantages, such as materials, ventilation, style, you need to wear them to feel.
It has a range of details that will make you stand out.

No matter how long you wear it, it will continue to maintain its solid form. This shoe will give you a casual and stylish look. You’d better have a set because it keeps you comfortable all day.
Are you always looking for a store with the best creativity, inspiration, and soul enhancement? We can always get something that surprises you.
If the shoes are good, give a five-star rating. Your praise is the driving force for our continuous efforts.
Note: Please purchase the shoes according to the actual foot length. The length of the shoe using the manual measurement, there will be 1-3CM error, If your feet thick, relatively wide please buy one size larger shoe size


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